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What It's Like to Work With Us

We're totally remote

We'll give you the autonomy and resources to do your job well. We believe our team is happiest and most effective when everyone has control over their own working conditions and the freedom to make decisions that impact our company. We offer flexible work hours, since everyone works best at different times.

Our Approach to Software

The less time you spend dealing with cumbersome processes and inefficient systems, the more time you can solve problems and work on things you're proud of. We've structured our processes to make it easy for you to individually work as part of a larger software engineering team. passes all of The Joel Test, with one exception: we fix only high-priority bugs before writing new code. We pride ourselves on moving faster and doing better work than our competitors, despite their much larger development teams.

Everyone in management is an accomplished engineer who knows how to build great software. Members of the development team are surrounded by peers who are knowledgeable, helpful, and have a passion for constant improvement. We continually challenge ourselves to make better for customers, increase our efficiency, and realize our full potential as engineers.