40th Birthday Gifts for Your Wife

The Perfect Gift

Collage.com gives you the unique opportunity to turn your most memorable photos into a gift that will both inspire and impress. No matter your wife's personal tastes and preferences, you will find the gift that will speak to her heart and show her how much you appreciate her presence in your life. The innovative design process is user-intuitive and fun, making this an easy way to show your love.

The Perfect Gift

Unforgettable 40th Birthday Ideas

One of the most popular gift items offered through Collage.com is the custom photo blanket. It is easy to see why people love this unique gift so much. Available in a wide variety of sizes and materials, the choices allow you to curate a photo blanket that your wife will enjoy for years to come. Wrap her up in her favorite memories as you pick the photos that best express your love on her 40th birthday.

Unforgettable 40th Birthday Ideas

More Gift Ideas for Her 40th Birthday

Offered in a myriad of shapes and sizes, the traditional and versatile canvas print is one of Collage.com's best-selling items, and the perfect choice to highlight some of your favorite pictures. The canvas print is mounted on a solid frame, ensuring that your beautiful picture will never wrinkle or sag. Or choose the fun photo mug, available in two sizes and six colors.

You choose the photos and wording that she will love most and Collage.com will use it to create a custom mug that she will enjoy every day. A custom acrylic print is a stunning addition to any room. Your wife will delight in seeing her favorite picture mounted on this lightweight yet durable surface. The bright colors and sleek presentation will be a standout in any room.

More Gift Ideas for Her 40th Birthday

Fun Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Give your wife a one-of-a-kind gift with a customized photo puzzle. You choose the photo(s) that you know she will love and Collage.com will use it to create a unique puzzle. Your wife will delight in the time that the two of you get to spend together assembling the puzzle to reveal all of her favorite smiling faces. This fun gift is both entertaining and thoughtful.

Fun Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Wife